​A new look and feel - AGoodId has created Westmark's new web site

With the help of the communications agency AGoodId, Westmark now has a completely new web site with a new look and feel. The new site is more readable with large pictures to highlight the texts.

Ellinor Ekström, designer at AGoodId, explains why a focus on good pictures is a boost for the company.

- With the widespread adoption of social media, people has changed the way they consume information. There's normally a limit of around 200 characters before a visitor continue reading on a site. Images therefore help attract and remain attention, she says.

But the changes are not only made in the web layout - Westmark's logo is also totally new. The previous white W on top of a light green background is gone, today you find a more discrete and light logo in the upper left corner.

- We worked with thin and geometric lines to create a stylish pattern where two W's are put together into one character. The green colour is also replaced with a more elegant colour that symbolize intelligence and reliability, says Ellinor.

The new logo with two W's represents Westmark's two owners, Mikael Westmark and Anna-Karin Westmark. The deeper green colour runs consistently throughout the entire site and combines the logo and the web site.