Brands2Life interviews Mikael Westmark

The Brands2Life Global Network is a team of entrepreneurial communications agencies. Westmark has represented the Nordics since 2006 – and in a profile series of partner founders, they did an interview with Mikael Westmark.

Westmark and Brands2Life Global Network support Tree-Nation to deliver pro-bono international PR programme

Tree-Nation, the worldwide platform to plant trees, has started working with Westmark, as part of the Brands2Life Global Network, to promote its projects in Sweden, raising awareness of the threat of deforestation to our planet.

ClassPass launches in Sweden

The world’s leading fitness membership, ClassPass, has launched in Sweden. At the same time, ClassPass purchases FitnessCollection with operations in Stockholm and Gothenburg to continue to grow and expand throughout the Nordic region.

Which Spotify songs are PR agencies listening to?

From Queen to The Kinks, Salvador Sobral to Nena, we asked our Brands2Life Global partners to compile a list of the songs from their local region that inspire them to curate the Brands2Life Global Spotify Playlist.

Europe Day - Building European relationships for stronger comms

Today (9th May) is Europe Day. Historically the date marks the anniversary of the 'Schuman declaration' when the then French foreign minister set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, aimed at ensuring peace and unity. While the day today may generate debate due to ongoing Brexit deliberations, many decades of close relationships spanning Europe should be celebrated – not least in the communications industry.

How to create a global agency network

Europe is often the first landing point for US firms expanding eastwards. Savvy global communications practitioners know the complexities of the market; multiple countries, many different languages, cultural sensitivities and nuances, an intricate and fragmented earned and social media landscape, regional hubs with particular areas of focus, and much more.

Video interview with Tom Leighton at Akamai – How much data can the internet manage before it breaks

Tom Leighton is the CEO and founder of Akamai that manage approximately a third of all internet traffic. According to him, the internet would break without Akamai’s services. Joakim Jardenberg was one of the people that Tom met when visiting Stockholm.

Key takeaways from Mobile World Congress in Shanghai

The Brands2Life Global partner Tilo Bonow (CEO & Co-Founder of PIABO PR) was invited to speak at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai on June 26-28. His presence was a part of 4YFN (4Years From Now) Summit focusing on key trends and innovations in the areas of tech, mobile and digital ecosystems.

Westmark moves to Waterfront Building

After a few lovely years at the top of Hightechbuilding at “Hötorget” we now move the office to United Spaces and Waterfront Building. Still in the middle of the city and just a few meters away from Stockholm Central and T-Centralen.

New microsite for Brands2Life Global – the independent agency network

Westmark is the only Nordic agency within Brands2Life Global- a network of independent PR and communications agencies with partner companies around the world run by the reputable London based agency Brands2Life.

Can you sleep any better at 36,000 feet?

What do you do after conducting a thorough shake-up of a sleepy mattress market? You focus on new usage areas for the same technology, for example airline seats. Today our client Simba Sleep presented Simba Air-Hybrid, a new advanced airline seat where you can control the temperature, humidity and simulate weightlessness at an altitude of 36,000 feet.The Air-Hybrid prototype is developed after consultation with sleep psychologists and the world class footballer and Simba Ambassador Gareth Bale who spends a lot of time in the air. Time that he rather would have spent sleeping and recovering. Simba is now in final discussions with airlines who are keen to adopt the Air-Hybrid technology in aircrafts internationally. The next step can be other modes of transport including trains.