Video interview with Tom Leighton at Akamai – How much data can the internet manage before it breaks

Tom Leighton is the CEO and founder of Akamai that manage approximately a third of all internet traffic. According to him, the internet would break without Akamai’s services. Joakim Jardenberg was one of the people that Tom met when visiting Stockholm.

One of the key questions during the discussions was: how much data can the internet manage before it breaks, and if the answer is ”infinite” - how is it possible?”

We are in the zettabyte era and global internet traffic grows, seemingly without any limitations. According to Cisco, monthly IP traffic will reach 35 GB per capita by 2021, up from 13 GB per capita in 2016.

See Joakim’s video interview with Tom Leighton – and read more on Joakim Jardenberg's web.