Useful tools and apps

It's soon summer and time for some relaxation - and to review all the tips on programs and apps that came in during the spring. We want to take the opportunity to share some of our favourites to work smarter and more effective.


A web based storage service where you can share files and documents with others - and always reach the information from your computer, mobile or tablet. Free up to 2 GB per user. Easier to use than ordinary server solutions since the documents are stored in normal folders on the computer and the synchronization is done automatically. Click here for a good guide on how to get starting with sharing files on Dropbox.


One step towards the paperless office? Evernote is an app to keep track of your notes and available for e.g. Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android. Many smart functions such as send e-mails directly to the notebook, store sound recordings, quickly take snapshots of a web page and take pictures. And everything (including the photos) is then searchable in Evernote.


An easy but smart to-do-list with several list views, priorities and reminders. Available for most platforms. Also possible to share lists so that several people can add new activities - and tick them off when they are done. The company was bought by Microsoft but I hope Wunderlist will be available for long.

Do you have any other good tips?