How to create a global agency network

Europe is often the first landing point for US firms expanding eastwards. Savvy global communications practitioners know the complexities of the market; multiple countries, many different languages, cultural sensitivities and nuances, an intricate and fragmented earned and social media landscape, regional hubs with particular areas of focus, and much more.

The UK tends to be the gateway to Europe, and this is often where we are asked to help build a fit-for-purpose agency network to deliver impact for clients wanting to grow into Europe, the Middle East, Africa, as well as Asia, LATAM and further afield. Brands that develop a really strong, compelling narrative with creative, engaging content that resonates globally and locally are the ones that truly stand out in EMEA.

To achieve this, however, you need partners that go beyond delivering tactical execution capabilities for your communications and that are focused on developing a vehicle to create and deliver better stories for bigger impact.

Fiona Goldsworthy Amusin is the Deputy Managing Director, Business & Technology and Head of Global at our agency partner Brands2Life.

She describes some of Brands2Life’s best practice principles when building a network. Please read the full article here.