The UK mattress expert Simba selects Westmark in Sweden

The Simba mattress has quickly become very popular in England for its technical design, its price and extreme sleeping comfort. The mattress is made in a one-type-fits-all model, sold online and delivered directly to your door. Simba is now expanding to Sweden and the launch is managed by Westmark, the communications agency, in Stockholm.

A series of heavyweight investors have endorsed a major European launch during 2017. The objective is to challenge traditional vendors and shake a very archaic mattress market.

“This is an incredibly fun mission because Simba is an industry pioneer that has become extremely popular in England. They are also technological innovators and have managed to make people shop mattresses in a new way”, says Mikael Westmark, CEO of Westmark Information.

The account team includes Mikael Westmark and Magdalena Höglund, who has extensive experience in public relations and marketing to both consumer and business markets.

Simba Hybrid is a technologically advanced mattress that consists of several layers, including a specially designed conical pocket springs, a memory foam that contours to the sleeping pose and boasts hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties for a clean and hygienic sleep space.

Instead of offering a jungle of different models, Simba developed a mattress that suits all body types and sleeping patterns. More information about Simba is available on